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Probate and Trust Administration

The death of a family member or friend can be very stressful.  The administration of an estate or trust following a person's death can be a challenging ordeal.  We explain the process and take care of the paperwork and any court proceedings that may be necessary.


Our Firm has extensive experience in administering trusts and probate estates of all sizes, ranging from modest estates to the very large and complex.  Estates we have administered have included assets of all types, such as investment portfolios, real estate, closely-held businesses, partnership and LLC interests, off-shore assets, patents, royalties and residuals, collectibles and jewelry.  If a dispute arises, we make every attempt to resolve them as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


We represent trustees and executors, beneficiaries of estates and trusts, heirs and creditors. We advise trustees and executors on their fiduciary duties and routinely prepare Court accountings for Court approval.  We advise beneficiaries on their rights concerning a variety of issues.  We advise clients in connection with the administration of revocable trusts after the death of a creator of the trust including the allocation of assets to various sub-trusts.  We advise clients in connection with the administration of irrevocable trusts created during lifetime, including charitable remainder trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, generation-skipping  trusts, grantor trusts, grantor-retained annuity trusts and unitrusts, and qualified personal residence trusts.  We are well-versed in the tax issues relating to the administration of these types of trusts.


We frequently make appearances in Probate Court in connection with estate and trust administration matters on behalf of our clients.  We handle cases of all types, and are familiar with the probate procedures.  The high quality legal documents prepared by our Firm lead to the desired result efficiently.   

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